Jernej is a highly talented designer with elegant design taste, rich technical knowledge, and above all effective and professional design. Further more, he has perfect mastery of English language, perfect communication, and outstanding attention to details. it was a pleasure working with him. He is the kind of professionals i want on my team. I recommend him highly, fully, and absolutely positively.

Patrick Lee, Ajuvia Inc.


My company hired Jernej temporarily to catch up on UX research and design. Jernej was an extremely important part of our design process and contributed to making a successful project. He is a very good communicator and proactively sought to solve our problems through UI design and UX research.

Shane Loveland, Periscope Holdings Inc.


Jernej did great work! He was great about exploring ideas and helping flesh out what was needed as well as providing options.

Brian Benson, OutMatched Tech LLC


It's been a pleasure to work with Jernej on the initial concept for His inquisitive, thorough and systematic approach to UX/UI design got us from initial concept to a functional prototype in under a week. I'm looking forward to collaborating with Jernej in the future and would recommend him to any team.

Anton Pereiaslavtsev,


I approached Jernej to work on Mytim and he took care of everything from getting the right people for development to doing the needed research and use case scenarios that formed the basis of what the app offers to the users. He also took care of the analytics support and measuring the most important data points on which further development of the app is based on. During the process we also learned a lot about UX and what it actually means in day to day work.

Stane Petavs, JEE d.o.o.


Working with Jernej at Honire Ltd. can only be described as exciting. He’s demanding to himself and every other team member and the consequence of that is that all team members produce far better work than thought possible at the beginning. Working with him helped me to further improve my skills that play a crucial role in my career development.

Anita Rituper, Petrol d.d., Ljubljana


Have been working with Jernej on previous projects and am currently working with him on Symbolo. It’s always been a great experience. Working in the field of user experience, he also has a good oversight on how the development of the apps work from the developers point of view which helps a lot in the work process.

Klemen Zagar, iOS Developer at Symbolo