In news content apps, sharing is a frequent activity. As research shows, 70% of users depend on their friends to share them trusted news on social networks. This is one of the reasons why the ability to share is a requirement for the latest project.

The issue with sharing is that it takes a lot of taps and time for the user. The flow usually consists of three steps:

  • Tap the share icon.
  • Select the social network.
  • Confirm the selection to share.

Solution Requirement

There is one requirement for any proposed solution. The user should move as fast as possible between news content and remain in the flow for as long as the external factors allow. This means the app itself should not disturb the user from reading content. 


design, test, iterate

After some initial prototypes and testing, we developed a solution that requires the user to tap the share icon and swipe up to share. At the same time, new content appears. That way the user can share and move to the next content with a single gesture.

To select the appropriate social network the user can tap on the icon. Options appear on the screen. Once selected it’s the default option and that allows the user to tap and swipe to share.