How it's Done Today

I’m a regular user. While using the iOS app, accidental taps on the video list happen. This makes the app switch to a new video without users's consent.



Accidentally taping on another video disrupts the flow of the user. Instead of leaving the user focused on the content of the existing video, the app suddenly starts to load a new one. It takes time and effort to get back and find the exact spot in the timeline to continue watching.

Solution Requirements

The video list has to stay. It’s a trigger for the user to watch more videos and stay longer in the app.

The user needs to have a way to cancel the process of switching to the new video when making an accidental tap.

If the user wants to go to the next video intentionally, the action should be similar to the simple tap and not require any additional effort.


the quest

One alternative considered was to reduce the tap area. This reduces the chances of accidental taps. But it’s not a good solution. Only reducing the tap area reduces but does not eliminate accidental taps. It also requires a visual cue (button) to be placed for each video on the list making the UI cluttered.

second image@2x.png

Tap and Hold

The user taps and holds a video on the list. The alternative provided the user enough time to cancel the intent to switch to another video. A status bar, on top of the current video, indicated the time until the new video has been uploaded.

The solution is missing a link between the user’s action and the results. By showing the status bar on top of the screen, it’s not clear that the user is taping a video on the list.



The Solution

The status bar has been positioned on the video itself. A clear link between the user action and the result is established. A low opacity overlay appears on the screen to grab the attention in case the user is to focused on the video and misses the status bar.

If the user accidentally taps a list element the switch to the new video won’t happen.